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How can I get my insurance company to offer this service?
We’d love to talk with your insurance company. Please share your details below and we will have a ClaimBuyout representative follow up.
When will my policyholder/vehicle owner receive their check?
Each situation is different. It depends on whether the vehicle is outright owned. In that case, they receive their funds within 24 hours of ClaimBuyout receiving the executable title. If a vehicle has a lien, then the lien has to be satisfied before the vehicle owner is paid.
Our Vehicle Acquisition team oversees all of these details and help vehicle owners navigate through the entire process.
What happens when there is a value deficit with the policyholder/vehicle owner’s lien?

Each case is different and we work to find the best solution for each individual.

In most cases, the deficit can be put into a new care deal and included in the new loan.

If your policyholder/vehicle owner has a lien on the vehicle, we will work to first pay off the lien with the funds from the insurance claim repair estimate and ClaimBuyout Guaranteed Bid.

Depending on the situation, there could be a deficit, or an amount of equity owed back to the policyholder/vehicle owner. It is not a one-size fits all scenario.

What if a vehicle is already torn down?
We want the vehicle before any repairs are made. In this case, we typically have the repair facility leave it as-is, and we pick it up. We can work with your team to determine the course of action depending on the situation.
Insurance Carrier Resources