How it works

One Click. Two Steps.

Upload your damaged vehicle’s details at or email

Have these details ready:

  • VIN

  • Estimated Mileage

  • State you live in

  • Your contact information

  • Repair Estimate and photos (optional)

A Buyout offer is delivered within 1-hour, the vehicle owner has 48-hours to accept the offer.

Upload details

When you say “Yes” to the Bid Offer, here’s what you can expect to receive from ClaimBuyout:

  1. Written confirmation along with ClaimBuyout's Terms and Conditions
  2. Payment details and lien deductions to satisfy
  3. Oversight of your title and paperwork
  4. Coordination regarding your vehicle's pickup and delivery
  5. Confirmation and follow-up upon completion
  6. A great big Thank You! We appreciate your feedback as we continuously improve how we serve our community of valued customers.

* Not all vehicles qualify for a ClaimBuyout. ClaimBuyout adheres to state regulations, and our process and technology are patent-pending.

A ClaimBuyout Example

Mary G. is 55 years of age and recently had a collision that caused $16,500 worth of damage to her 2017 Toyota Highlander.

Mary's vehicle had a value of $32,500 before the accident

Here's the Quick Math
  • Mary G. doesn't want to keep her car and receives a ClaimBuyout Offer for $32,500.
  • ClaimBuyout keeps the repair estimate and the damaged vehicle and pays Mary G $32,500. It’s that simple.
  • Mary G. can now use those funds towards a replacement vehicle once her lien (if applicable) has been paid in full.

*If a vehicle has a lien, it must be satisfied before any payout to the policyholder occurs.
ClaimBuyout's Vehicle Acquisition team can assist with finding a replacement vehicle.